Ok. What’s this all about?

Stress. Yeah, we said it. It’s become a not-cute catchall for everything that’s wrong with us. But the truth is, stress is natural and beneficial — so understanding your Female Stress Signature — the way you mobilize energy and arouse resources in response to the needs and demands of your life — is a powerful way to take charge of your health. And at Tia that’s what we’re all about — so consider this quiz a proactive first step, taken with the support of our medical team. This quiz is adapted from the book, So Stressed, co-authored by Tia Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Stephanie McClellan and Dr. Beth Hamilton, and references decades of research from leaders in the field (head this way for those!). And good news: unlike your high school prom pictures, you’re not stuck with your Stress Signature forever and with a personalized plan, you can flourish in the face of stress — so let’s get started.

What this is:What this isn’t:
• Based off extensive research in the field of biologically female stress • Fluff!

• A tool to help you understand how chronic stress (more on that here) affects your mind and body over time• A medical diagnosis
• Actionable — you’ll get both insights and a personalized plan developed by our medical team to help you flourish• Prescriptive — you’re in control of what you do with your results
• A stress test• A personality test
• Focused around chronic stress, which results from repeated mobilization of your stress response• Something about acute stress, or the moment-to-moment responses your body uses to adjust to changes
• Shareable - part of understanding your Signature is giving others the tools to know how you operate• Confidential - there’s nothing medically sensitive or potentially compromising in this quiz

Who made this?

The Female Stress Signature Quiz was made by the team at Tia — the next-generation women’s healthcare platform that brings empathy, innovation, and medical rigor together to help women flourish. As doctors, designers, data enthusiasts, and women, we’ve seen first-hand how radical disparities and misinformation has kept us from taking full control over our physical and mental health. We’re on a mission to change that, building a new, distinctly female model of care from the ground up. We meet women where they are — online and offline. We believe the human body is amazing. We know all women deserve better care. And we made this because when a deep understanding of things like the science of stress and its impact on our health meets with a female-first mindset, we can begin to change the conversation.

Tia’s ecosystem of products, tools and services — from the Tia app to the Tia Clinic, a real-world gynecology, primary care & wellness practice based in NYC — is connected by a modern, human-centered approach to care that focuses on listening to and learning from women about their personal, holistic healthcare needs as a means to empower greater control over their bodies. That means we’re fluent in vagina, emotional wellness, gut health, and of course... stress!

Foundational to our mission is an investment in experiences (like this one!) that translate our core medical competencies and scientific research into actionable tools with women at the center. We believe smart, sound, science need not be confusing, so our mission is to give women much-needed access to the conversation about how to best care for themselves and their bodies — so more women are empowered to flourish.

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