Have you met your Female Stress Signature? She’s not always cute, but she can tell you a lot about your body and is a key way to prevent illness and take control of your health. Ready? Take this quiz to meet your Female Stress Signature and get a personalized plan to help you flourish.

What do these words mean at Tia?
Biological sex, or the complex combo of chromosomes & hormones that make female stress different from male stress
Your mind and body's way of mobilizing energy and arousing resources in response to the dynamic demands of your life
The 4 distinct types used to describe the cumulative + individual ways chronic stress affects you across your lifetime
Tia is the next-generation women’s healthcare platform bringing empathy, innovation & medical rigor together to help women flourish. We build science-backed products, IRL health clinics & tools (like this one!) in service of delivering women better healthcare.
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